Fun Outdoor Activities You Should Try When Travelling

When you have a knack for finding adventure and exploring places you’ve never been to, you will love the attractions in the Isle of Wight. Of course, your holiday won’t be complete without comfortable accommodation waiting after a long day of sightseeing. With that said, book a room in Malthouse Cottage, a bed and breakfast where the amenities will surely help you relax.

Now, other than knowing the attractions, here’s what you should do whenever you find yourself in new places – engage in fun activities to make the most of your trip. Instead of just shopping and eating at new restaurants, you should also do some outdoor activities.

Ski down snowy slopes

Being in a new environment is a nice break from the monotony of daily life, in that it allows you to experience new things. It's always refreshing to find yourself in a country where the culture and climate are the exact opposite of what you've gotten used to.

For example, if you've grown tired of the usual humidity in your country, you'll surely love feeling the cool rush of air in snowy mountains.

Alltracks Academy gap year skiing - a fun way to learn more about backcountry riding and avalanche safety, or become a qualified snowboard or ski instructor

If you're looking for something a bit more fun and competitive, you can try team activities. There are a lot of these you can do in the great outdoors – volleyball in the beach as well as paintball and laser tag in various arenas. Games like these will surely make for a very fun time and an awesome team building experience.

Mayhem paintballing - consists of more than 16 playing arenas in London and Essex, with call of duty replica maps, urban and woodland paintball zones, and other areas perfect for a day of action and team building

Mayhem laser tag - has 5 areas where you can play 10 fun games by using cutting edge technology and wearing camouflage overalls

You can also visit zoos, adventure parks, animal sanctuaries and places with a historical and cultural significance. They are ideal if you're looking to learn something new. You'll find a lot of them in the Isle of Wight, so you can bet that you'll never run out of activities to keep you busy.

See, making the most of your time while travelling is more than just spending time in large malls and iconic museums. You can also enjoy yourself in the great outdoors. Now, if you have any enquiries or comments about our Bed and Breakfast, just get in touch with us. We'd be happy to hear from you.

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